RV 5600

Warranty 3 years

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Zodiac RV 5600

A new, innovative robot from the Vortex series. A distinctive feature of this model is the possibility of usage the cleaner in the swimming pools of even 10x20m. The cleaner equipped with a remote control. RV 5600 is able to be programmed for 7 days. Lift function for retracting the cleaner robot out of the pool is also available. A filter basket is supplied with a filling indicator, for easier identification of pollutions. This automatic robot-cleaner easily cleans up the bottom, stairs, walls, and edges of the pool. Plus, if there are any obstacles, the robot overcomes it without any difficulties.

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1 753€


2 560€

Modern, and easy to use automatic cleaner of your swimming pool. One of the advantages, its innovative design and several patented options, which allow you to clean up the pools of irregular and atypical shapes. Zodiac vacuum cleaners work with all types of pools, regardless of the shape or material they are made of. The robot-cleaning technology provides a number of possibilities to fully automate and optimize the work of the cleaner.

It is an exclusive device for your swimming pool, equipped with 3D motion sensor which eases and optimizes the control of complete cleaning process. And again, it cleans all types of swimming pools (round, oval, irregular shoreline, rectangular), made of different materials (plated, foiled, polyester, concrete, plastic).

Technical Information

  • Easy to control with one “Start / Stop” button
  • Width of cleaning device 270 mm
  • Vortex effect
  • Possibility to program the robot for 7 days
  • Lift function to retract the vacuum cleaner out of the pool
  • Equipped with a 3D sensor
  • Optimized route, which includes the entire pool
  • Cleans the bottom, walls, water line and stairs of the pool
  • 2 cleaning cycles: 1.5 h basin, 2.5 h bottom + walls + water line
  • Maximal pool size 10x20 m
  • Equipped with a remote control
  • Suitable for all pool areas
  • Cleans all shapes of the swimming pools
  • Filter capacity 16 m 3/h
  • A filter basket is available
  • Equipped with a filling indicator
  • Equipped with wheels
  • Safe working voltage 30V
  • Power consumption 150W
  • Cable length 25 m.
  • Gross weight: 23 kg