Vortex 1

Warranty 2 years

Semi-automatic Pool Cleaner Vortex 1

One of the most useful devices for your swimming pool – semi automatic pool cleaner Vortex 1. It cleans the bottom and 30 cm of walls height of yours pool. It cleans all types of swimming pools (round, oval, irregular shoreline, rectangular), made of different materials (plated, foiled, polyester, concrete, plastic).

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Technical Details

  • Width of cleaning device 220 mm
  • Cleans the bottom, walls and water line of the swimming pool
  • Maximum pool size 5x10 m
  • Suitable for all pool areas
  • Cleans all shapes of pools
  • Safe working voltage 30V
  • Power consumption 70W
  • Required pump power 11m 3/ h
  • Cable length 15 m.
  • Gross weight: 9,8 kg